Little Orphan Spider 3

The next morning, Peter ran to school with a huge smile the entire way after eating double the amount he normally did after having no dinner the previous night. He couldn't wait to see Ned to tell him the news! Once in the building, he  went to his locker and opened it, but had to move his hand at the last second as it was slammed closed.

"Hey Penis."

The boy groaned. Why was it every time Peter was having a good moment, it was dashed? It was like the bully could feel Peter's good mood and had to destroy it.

"Awww. Aren't you glad to see me?" The dark skinned boy smirked, leaning against the lockers. When Peter was silent, he frowned and pushed the boy into the lockers, hard. "I asked you a question."

Peter merely fixed his bag and turned away, but Flash apparently wasn't done. The bully grabbed his shoulder and turned him back around, slamming him into the locker again.

"You leave when I tell you to leave, Penis." Flash smirked at him. "Where were you running off to, anyway? You don't have any family. You're just a pathetic. Little. Orphan."

Peter had to control his anger. He knew that if he punched the bully, he would put his full strength behind it and wind up killing him. And Peter did not want that blood on his hands. So he just stared at the ground, until a teacher told them to break it up as the bell rang. The boy was more than glad to get away from his tormentor and made his way to class. 

Happy feeling, gone.


English was first, and the teacher Mr. Orr had the hearing of an Orc, so Peter couldn't tell Ned any news, just pass him a note. Once that was over, the only classes they had together were Chemistry, P.E. and lunch. 

Once the bell rang for lunch, the boy ran to the cafeteria to get on line. The staff knew him well by now, and they gave him extra every day, the cashier just giving him a wink and letting him through without paying extra, which with his new metabolism, he really appreciated. Toting his loaded tray, he sat at the usual table, already half done with his food by the time Ned came in.

"Hey Peter," the boy brought his lunch out of his backpack, frowning at his sandwich. "I don't like meatloaf. You want it?"

Even before Ned finished the question, Peter had the sandwich in his mouth, moaning. "How can you not like this? Your mom's cooking is so good compared to everything else!" He finished the sandwich in record time and sat back to munch on an apple slowly.

"So, your note said you had news?" Ned had opened a chocolate snackpac.

"Oh yeah!!" Peter pushed his tray away and leaned in, eyes sparkling with excitement. "You remember those mock tests we took for Stark Industries for career day?" He waited for his friend to nod. "Well, someone at the company got their hands on them apparently...and they gave me an internship!"

Ned dropped his pudding, spoon clanging against the table. "What!?" he screeched, making the whole lunchroom glance at them.

"Shh!!!" Peter hushed his friend. "I got an internship with SI!"

Ned frowned. "But, doesn't Tony Stark own SI?" Peter nodded. "And, Iron-Man has been trying to find out who Spider-Man is for months now."

Peter's face went white. How could he forget that? "Oh no...." He sat back. "But, I doubt that I'll be seeing the Tony Stark, anyway. I mean, I'm just an intern on the lowest rung of the ladder. I'll probably get the others coffee all day. And besides, what's gonna happen, he's gonna find out about me and adopt me?" The two stared at one another, then burst out laughing.

"Hey, I got the new Death Star Lego set. Wanna come over after school?" Ned was holding a small Lego Emperor Dooku.

Peter was about to say yes, then remembered his punishment. "No..and I need to talk to you." He glanced around and leaned in closer to whisper. "I came in late yesterday again, which wasn't my fault because Mr. Stark was chasing me! But, I got a punishment. I have to stay in the home when I'm not home or at my internship, and also have to mow the lawn every week for two months." At that Ned made a face. "I know. But, that also means I had my phone taken away. I still have my own room, so maybe you can hack into my phone and set the tracker for home, just in case?"

"Oh yeah, sure, no problem. Is the punishment as long as the grass mowing?"

"Yep," Peter said, popping the P. "It really sucks. With this new internship, I won't have time for-" He was cut off by an annoying voice and the boy closed his eyes.

"What's this about an internship, Penis?" Flash smirked, his eyes narrowed. "Did you finally get a job picking up trash where you belong?"

Ned's fist was clenching. This had gone on for too long, and now Flash was going to get it! "No! Peter has an internship at Stark Industries!" The lunchroom went quiet, but that was broken when Flash started laughing.

"Penis? An intern at Stark Industries? I know that's a lie, because the company doesn't allow anyone below the age of eighteen to even enter the building unless they're on a school trip!" He pouted at Peter. "Or, is the little orphan so desperate for attention that he'd make up that ridiculous lie?"

Peter grabbed Ned's shoulder. "No, don't waste your time on him, okay? He'll never believe that someone is smarter than him anyway." With that they walked away with Flash's laughter following them.


Thankfully it was Friday, and school had just let out. Thanks to band practice, which Mr. Martin had no clue the boy had quit once he got his powers, Peter had been able to be Spider-Man for a little longer before he had to be home. 

The only flaw was mowing the lawn in the morning on Saturday, which he had to be home early Friday night from his patrol that night. Which bothered Peter. If he had to be home early, that meant more crime would happen if he wasn't out there to stop it. People would get hurt...that's the part that he didn't like. So that night, he tried to sleep, plugging his ears with cotton swabs to drown out the sirens he could have been preventing.


Saturday morning was horrible, because he didn't get much sleep the night before-for obvious reasons. But, he mowed the small lawn around the home in a matter of hours due to little kids running around his feet and getting in his way, but once he was done, he was free to sit in his room. And. Do. Nothing. 

Peter sighed for the millionth time, staring out his window at the blue sky in the building's reflection that he could be swinging from right now. But, he didn't know if Ned had changed his location....unless...

With a smile, the brunette changed into his suit, and after checking out the window, slipped on his mask. It was midday, the time of day he would never go out in his suit, but he had to ask Ned if everything was clear. 

He scaled the building as quickly as he could after spotting a couple watching television in the living room apartment, their curtains wide open. Thankfully they were so engrossed in whatever they were watching they never saw Peter, but he didn't want to take the chance.

He slipped his web-shooters on his wrists, and in no time he was airborne. A little sad he couldn't take his mask off to feel the breeze in his hair, Peter swung from building to building, waving to a a couple of kids as they watched him pass with shocked expressions.This was why he loved being able to be Spider-Man. He loved the people, and the people loved him.

In no time, a very sweaty Peter Parker was slipping through his best friend's window, sticking to the ceiling as he crawled toward the other teen in the chair. Ned was so focused on that he didn't even hear Peter come in. With a smirk, the spider crawled over Ned's head and suddenly appeared in his friend's face with a loud 'BOO!'.

Ned screamed like a little girl and threw his controller at Peter, who dodged it and laughed. "Peter! Oh my God! Don't do that to me!"

Still smiling, Peter looked back at the computer screen. "Is that...World of Warcraft? I didn't know people still play it."

"So funny," Ned snapped, picking up his controller, examining it for any cracks. "What do you need? Wait? Aren't you punished?"

"Which," Peter said, dropping down, "is why I'm here. Were you able to fix my location on my phone so it says I'm at home instead of here?" He shifted a few clothes off his friend's bed and flopped down, feet hanging off the edge and kicking.

"Yes I did. I'm not the guy in the chair for nothing, you know."

"I just didn't know if you did it yet, and I figured I was taking a chance, but it looks like I'm not. Listen, I'll come back tonight and we can build that death-star before my patrol starts, okay? This way I won't have anyone trying to check in on me." He looked at the Captain America clock on his friend's wall. "Which is why I have to get back."

"Okay. I'll see you tonight. I'll get everything ready now. Do you want a plate of dinner? Mom's making enchiladas."

At that Peter smiled. "Yes! Are you kidding, I love your mom's enchilada's. See you later." The teen jumped back to the ceiling and crawled to the window. "Make it a big plate, okay?" And he was swinging back to the home, his mask placed over his face, covering his smile.


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