Little Orphan Spider 2

Peter was wrong. He had to mow the lawn for two months, because on his way home, he helped save two little kids from a burning house, making him at least an hour late. 

He stood in Mr. Martin's office, still pouting from his punishment and still smelled like smoke. Now he was going to have even less time to go patrolling!

If only the man knew about him being Spider-Man! Then he'd have to excuse him from doing anything but saving people. Except school. School was the one place that he felt happy, like really, really happy.

He had a good life in the home, even had a few friends. But, his best friends he'd met in school a long time ago. Ned had been his friend since the first grade. He was closest to Peter, having stood by his side when his Aunt and Uncle had been killed. 

Peter didn't have parents. They'd been killed in a plane crash when he was six years old. He was sent to live with his Aunt May and Uncle Ben then, until three years ago, when they were both stabbed in a botched robbery while they were on a Valentine's Day date.

Since then, Peter hated that day. 

Ned had tried to get his parents to let Peter stay with them, but Peter knew it would be too hard on the family to raise both Ned and Peter. Especially, when he got bitten by that spider six months ago.

That's when all this craziness started. He was on a field trip to Osborn Labs with his class, and they were in the chem lab when the spider came from the vents, biting the boy on the arm. 

It started with that night with a high fever that had led to a very sick and weak Peter, which wasn't anything new. He was usually sick before the bite. But the severity of the sickness was new. Once or twice he thought his guardian would take him to the hospital, but as soon as it had come, it was over.

Then came the development of muscles, and we're not talking stringy wimpy muscles, but Peter actually got abs practically overnight. He'd fallen into a fever induced daze and woke up looking like a professional athlete. When he told Ned, the boy didn't believe him, but Peter had dragged him into the bathroom and pulled up his shirt with a shocked expression on his face. After that, Ned had started to keep track of the boy's abilities.

The most shocking one to develop had to be the ability to crawl up walls and hang from the ceiling with his bare hands. Peter had found out he could do that when he'd had a nightmare one night and woke to find himself staring down at his bed. 

The next day he and Ned had tested his new power in an alley way, where Peter simply walked up a building in his bare feet. Peter said it was freaky. Ned thought it was the coolest thing he'd ever seen. 

Now, Peter was starting to develop a new sense, almost like a sixth sense that let the boy know when and where something was coming from.

It only happened when his life was in danger, like when he'd run from Tony Stark earlier that day, which he was loathe to tell his friend about. Ned would tell him that he should tell Mr. Stark his identity and join the Avengers. Peter had told him he actually thought of doing that on more than one occasion, but then his age came into play. The same doubts as before came back and he sighed.

"Bored, Parker?" a man's voice asked, raising a brow from behind his desk.

The boy's eyes widened and he shook his head. "N-no, Mr. Martin...Sir."

"Good, because I'm not done. You've been coming in late for too long, Mr. Parker. This makes the third time this week, and the fifteenth time this month."

"I'm sorry, sir! When I go over to Ned's place, I lose track of time!"

"Hm. Well, that's going to be stopped. And, your phone. Give it to me." The man held out a hand when Peter didn't move.

The boy reached into his pocket and handed over his state issued cell phone. It was given to all children in the system once they turned thirteen as a way for them to contact the person who ran the facility they lived in and as a way to track their movements. Peter had knew this and had Ned hack the phone to say he was at his best friend's house whenever he was on patrol, which now he'd have to tell him to change it to the group home for now.

"I should tell you you're not allowed to see Ned for a while, but your friendships are important, to me, you and the state. So, you can continue to talk to him in school, but no more for a month. You will come straight home and do your homework and go to bed." 

Mr. Martin shook his head. "You're a smart kid, Peter. Very smart. I would hate to have you go down the wrong path. Oh, which reminds me, you got mail today." Reaching into his desk, he handed the boy an unopened letter. "Open it when you're ready."

Peter grabbed the envelope and upon reading the name Stark Industries on it, his hands started shaking. This couldn't be real...Could Mr. Stark have found out who he really was? He looked at Mr. Martin, who was smiling, before he ripped open the envelope and pulled out the neatly folded paper, almost ripping it as he unfolded it and started reading:

 Dear Mr. Parker,

            Congratulations on being accepted into the Intern Program here at Stark Industries. Your school participated in mock exams this past month and we were so impressed by your score that we decided to make an exception for you. Your Internship begins this Monday at 3:30. You do not need to bring anything but yourself Congratulations again. We expect great things from you.

                                              Pepper Pots, C.E.O. of Stark Industries

Peter read and reread the letter over and over, still not believing what was written, or typed. How could....it was supposed to be a fake exam! The school wasn't even supposed to even send it in!

"Good news?" Mr. Martin asked, holding his hand out for the letter. When the boy handed it over, his smile brightened. "This is wonderful, Peter! Oh my God....who knew that a child under my care would become an intern as Stark Industries? This is like a dream! Okay, new plan. You are allowed to go to the internship, but you are to come home right after. Am I clear?"

Peter could only nod, still in shock.

"Okay," the man laughed. "As a punishment, you're to go to bed without dinner tonight, okay?" The teen could only nod and went to leave the room, but suddenly became himself again.

"What? No dinner! But I'm starving!"

"It's only one night, besides the kitchen is closed. Now, bed." Mr. Martin pointed to where the bedrooms were, and chuckled when the boy left the room, shaking his head. What was he going to do with that boy?


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