Little Orphan Spider

Queens was a busy part of the city, especially to Peter Parker, A.K.A. The neighborhood friendly Spider-Man. The boy had just fought off a mugger from getting an older woman's purse and was currently turning down a churro, which she demanded she buy for him. 

In the end, he wound up eating it while sitting on a fire escape. He sighed as he swung his legs back and forth. The sun was setting, which was a good thing, but that also meant that crime would be getting worse.

He was daydreaming, in his own world, when the sound of repulsors snapped him out of it and he looked up to see Iron Man hovering in front of him.

"Hello Spider Man," the suit greeted him pleasantly. "Guess what I'm here for."

Peter sighed and shook his head, glad he'd pulled down his mask before. He enjoyed torturing the great Tony Stark by keeping his identity a secret. So many times the man had tried to find out who Spider-Man was, but every time he failed. Peter especially loved it when the man sent the drones after him. Peter would lose them in a matter of seconds, thanks to his 'spidey-sense'.

"Hello, Stark," the teen lowered his voice accordingly, trying to sound older than he was. "Long time no see."

"Yeah, enough with the pleasantries. Tell me who you are. I have 'orders'," he used air quotes, "to bring you in."

Peter jumped up onto the rail feeling his feet stick, standing perfectly still.

"Sorry, Stark, but I've told you before, and I'll say it again. I don't want to join your group of super-losers. I want to stay on the ground...protect the little guys when you guys bring trouble here."

It was all a lie though. 

Peter wanted desperately to join the Avengers....but then that would mean that Tony Stark would learn he was only a teenager. In fact, he had just turned fifteen last week. He considered it a dream to get an invitation to the man's team...but he was afraid that the man would laugh at him because of his age.

"I've come to you for months, ever since you showed up, and given you the opportunity of a lifetime, and every time, you shoot me down. And I'm getting a little tired of it."

"Then stop coming." Peter said in all seriousness. 

It hurt him every time Mr. Stark came around to have to say no to the one thing he'd wanted his entire life, or at least since what happened happened.  But, he wanted to keep his identity a secret, and knew that if he joined the Avengers team, that wouldn't happen. His identity was important to him due to his age. He didn't want people thinking he had to be protected and babied.

"I've said no every time you find me, and I'm  getting sick of saying it. I have a life that makes me too busy to join the Avengers, so I'm sorry. My answer, for the thousandth time, is no." With that, Peter held out his arm and quickly shot a web, using it to swing past Tony Stark, who watched his every move.

"Fine. Have it your way. I'm done asking."

Peter looked back to see Mr. Stark lifting a hand, the light in his palm glowing. Was he going to shoot him? Now scared, Peter shot another web, flinging himself to the side and around a building. Again and again he threw himself out of the man's sights, until suddenly his senses tingled on the right side and he dodged just as a drone was about to tag him.

"Hey! That's cheating!" he called back to the man.

"Well I don't play by the rules." Tony responded, sending another drone.

"Oh shit!" Peter barely dodged the second drone, but was ready for the third and the fourth, swinging out of the way. "Well excuse me, Mr. screw the rules I have money!"

Tony smirked at that. He liked it, and he liked the fact that this was the longest conversation he'd ever held with Spider-Man, even if it was just flinging insults back at him. "How are you doing that?" Another drone was sent and dodged. Was it mirrors? Or sensors, like in the Iron Man suit? No, it looked...homemade. But, then again, his suit was homemade too.

"Just like a tootsie pop, the world may never know!" Peter was not having fun and also was getting close to home. He had to end this. Now. "Sorry Stark, but I need to go. It's been fun." Holding his arm up, he shot a web at the man's face, laughing when it covered the man's face protector, blinding him.

"See you later!" He flung his web out and turned to disappear behind a building, then dropped into one of the windows. Luckily everyone had gone home for the day and the offices were quiet. He stayed there for a little bit, waiting, crouched down  for a little while before shooting a web and pulling himself out of the building. Checking his watch he cursed. He was late.

"I'm so gonna have to mow the lawn for a month for this," he groaned as he made his way towards the group home.


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