The Itsy Bitsy Spider

Sean was late. Brown eyes glanced at the clock for like the hundredth time in five minutes. Sean was never late. It was three-forty-three, thirteen minutes after the Scottish scientist was supposed to show up for their lesson.

Like Peter, Sean was also a captive of Hydra. The man had told him one day that Hydra had his family being watched, and that they could hurt them any time they wanted, or any time he didn't do what they wanted.

Sean was a lot nicer than the others in the facility. He didn't grab Peter like he was a doll, with force that bruised his ribs at times. And he didn't give him any of those stupid shots.

Well, there was that one time when Peter first was taken to the facility. He'd been normal sized then, just a regular teenager. Then, the serum was administered. Peter hated that day, remembering the pain he felt of his body shrinking in on itself, his mass almost doubling as his bones broke and then healed stronger.

But, he couldn't think about that right now. He was worried about Sean! He began to pace in the small hamster cage they'd given him, blue and red uniform hanging off his shoulders.

Peter wasn't alone in the room. There were others like him. Well, not exactly like him, but they were experiments, too. Even though they couldn't speak, they understood each other. Understood the pain. 

There was a noise, almost like a crash, followed by someone cursing. The girl across from Peter stared at him with fearful wide eyes, the feathers on her wings puffed up.

The door slammed open and in ran a squadron, all with guns drawn. One by one they stopped in front of the 'cages' they were in. Peter was rooted to the spot, staring at the barrel of a gun that looked like a gaping hole. This was it....They were there to kill them...

In unison the guns went off, and all the experiments fell in their cages, blood splattering across the walls. Peter, however, was able to dodge the bullet aimed for him, flipping to the side, grabbing onto the bars of the cage.

The soldier holding the gun looked at him with hate filled eyes and began shooting round after round into the little hamster cage, but Peter was able to dodge them all, flipping over them, but as the soldier got more careless, the cage moved, until it fell to the floor with such a crash, the noise left Peter's ears ringing.

The boy crashed to the floor and slid across the tile, stopping under a table. He was dazed, but he saw the men were looking for him and hurried to crawl to the underside of the silver table, hiding by climbing a leg, sticking to the shadows.  A pair of knees suddenly crashed to the ground and searched under the table.

"I think it's dead," a man with a thick German accent said. "There's no way it could have survived that fall, plus the bullets."

The knees disappeared and Peter breathed again. Only to stop when he heard another voice. It sounded cocky, like it was the best in the world.

"Hey guys. You having a party and didn't invite me? I'm hurt."

There was a whistle and suddenly all the soldiers fell, the man holding the gun to the boy staring at him with lifeless eyes. "Oh my god.." Peter heard the man whisper.

A pair of red and gold feet began stomping through the room, surveying the damage. "Cap, we got casualties in here...I don't even know if you'd consider them human anymore." The person slammed into the table Peter was hiding under, the vibration enough to make the boy lose his grip and fall to the ground with a small 'oof'.

Instantly those feet moved, and machines were heard powering up. "Whoever's there, come out. I don't want to get caught in the rubble if I have to shoot."

Peter was too scared to move, his breathing coming in short gasps. "D-don't!" he finally called. "I-I-I'll come out...just please....don't hurt me."

That voice sounded young to Tony's microphones allowing him to hear inside the suit."I won't, kid. Just come on out." The machines powered down.

Peter took a deep breath and stepped toward the edge of the table. He'd never been on the floor before in his current state, so to see a person towering one hundred feet above him didn't do much for the boy's fear level.

The billionaire was worried about the child's state, was he hurt? "Where are you, kid?" He looked around the room. He'd heard a voice, right?

Peter watched the man's head look around high above him, having to crane his neck to see. Suddenly the door opened and another person came into the room, but this person was even bigger than the metallic man.

"Oh my god..." His voice was deep as he looked around the room.

This man scared Peter even more than the metallic man, with his very large muscles bulging against the red, white and blue of his outfit. He clutched a very large-to Peter anyway- circular shield with the same colors as his suit that had a single star in the middle. 

"I had no clue Hydra were doing this," the muscle bound man whispered, shaking his head and looking down. Right at Peter. The boy's eyes widened and he shook, taking a step back as the muscled man yelled, "Tony! Don't move!"

Tony? Why did that name sound familiar....then it clicked. He had this person on his wall in his bedroom back in Queens. This was Iron-Man...the red and gold, the voice...Peter felt relief blossom through his chest. The Avengers had come to save them! Then he realized, he was the only one of the experiments that was going to leave here alive today.

"What's wrong, Spangles? Why can't I-oh." Tony's helmet crawled away from his face as he looked down where Steve was staring. "Oh man..." Slowly he knelt down, hand over his knee, groaning a bit as he got down. "Hey, there, um...little guy..."

Peter could only lift his shaking hand, too star-struck-and scared- to speak. Mr. Stark was looking right at him!

"Are you okay?" Mr. Stark asked. He brought his face closer, close enough so that Peter could see every twitch of his expression change through shock to worry, then back to shock. The boy nodded, but took a step back.

"Hey, don't do that. Wouldn't want you getting lost before we got you out of here." Slowly, Tony lowered his hand to the floor, resting it palm up in front of the boy. "We don't have a lot of time, and I don't want to hurt you by grabbing you. Can you climb on?"

Peter could only stare at the hand in front of him, the size of it making him feel even smaller.

"Come on, kid," Mr. Stark said impatiently. "This position isn't exactly easy for someone who hasn't done Pilates in years."

Peter was shaken out of his fear by a far away explosion, and ran up to the hand, climbing up on to the cold metal, shivering when his bare feet touched it. "Hang on," Mr. Stark muttered before the boy felt himself pressed down, the wind rushing around him as the man stood and turned, but he held on to the man's thumb like his life depended on it. And in a way, it did.

"Are you the only one that's alive?" the man asked, his helmet crawling over his face.

"Y-yes, s-s-sir," Peter finally spoke, flinching when the muscled man jerked in surprise, looking straight at him, seemingly to Peter's soul.

"Okay. Let's blow this capsicle stand."

The boy could only hang on as the man started walking out of the only room Peter had seen in six months. He was brought into a very large, very long corridor, his eyes taking everything in when suddenly someone came running up to them, red and blonde streaked hair flowing behind her.

"I grabbed a few things from the labs. The scientists there were very...generous," she smirked holding a few tubes with orange liquid in them. Then her gaze landed on Tony's palm. "What the hell is that?"

"Not important," Tony said. "I'll tell you on the plane. Where's Banner?"

"He made his way back to the plane a few minutes ago." Natasha couldn't keep her eyes off the little person who was clinging to Tony's thumb.

"Good. Let's go." Tony started almost running, forgetting the little person he carried on his palm.

Peter felt his hands and feet stick to the metal, keeping him from falling, but at the same time, he could feel eyes on him and looked back to see the Black Widow staring at him with awe and suspicion. He looked forward, eyes only on the way they were going. For the first time in months he was going to breathe fresh air, and Peter was so excited.


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