The Itsy Bitsy Spider

Sean was late. Brown eyes glanced at the clock for like the hundredth time in five minutes. Sean was never late. It was three-forty-three, thirteen minutes after the Scottish scientist was supposed to show up for their lesson.

Like Peter, Sean was also a captive of Hydra. The man had told him one day that Hydra had his family being watched, and that they could hurt them any time they wanted, or any time he didn't do what they wanted.

Sean was a lot nicer than the others in the facility. He didn't grab Peter like he was a doll, with force that bruised his ribs at times. And he didn't give him any of those stupid shots.

Well, there was that one time when Peter first was taken to the facility. He'd been normal sized then, just a regular teenager. Then, the serum was administered. Peter hated that day, remembering the pain he felt of his body shrinking in on itself, his mass almost doubling as his bones broke and then healed stronger.

But, he couldn't think about that right now. He was worried about Sean! He began to pace in the small hamster cage they'd given him, blue and red uniform hanging off his shoulders.

Peter wasn't alone in the room. There were others like him. Well, not exactly like him, but they were experiments, too. Even though they couldn't speak, they understood each other. Understood the pain. 

There was a noise, almost like a crash, followed by someone cursing. The girl across from Peter stared at him with fearful wide eyes, the feathers on her wings puffed up.

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Little Orphan Spider 6

By the time it hit six-thirty, everyone was tired. Peter especially from worrying. He'd finished his assignments early, needing something to take his mind off everything,and had found an glove from a prototype bot and had been programming it to wave and do all types of signals every time someone spoke to it, when a buzzer went off, scaring the teen.

"It's time to give up for the day," Gwen called to the room. "Have a good day and we'll see everyone on tomorrow, okay?" She looked towards Peter and winked. "I'll be speaking to Mr. Stark after you leave, since he gave us the problem to solve. I'm sure he thought it was a challenge."

The teen stiffened. Tonight? She was going to tell Mr. Stark tonight? He thought she already had. So he'd have another day to wait and worry until he was kicked off the team.

"See you tomorrow." Gwen waved to the boy as he hurried out of the room. "He is so adorable."

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Little Orphan Spider 5

Monday morning was a good one for Peter. After talking to Ned, he felt calmer and was able to get some sleep. So, it was with a yawn that the boy got dressed and threw shoes on when he heard a knock and Mr. Martin poked his head in.

"Morning, new Intern!" the man said with a happy smile.

Peter jumped at that, eyes going wide. It was today!?

"Oh shi-oot!" he corrected at a look from the home's director. "I completely forgot about the internship!" 

How had he forgotten? Well, he did have a busy weekend, with meeting Mr. Barton-who tried to shoot him- and the incident, which Peter was not going to think about. Nope. Now excitement at being in an actual lab and terror at being in the place where the Avengers lived, fluttered through his heart, but the boy couldn't keep a smile from his face.

"That's good! Breakfast is being served right now, so hurry up, or you won't get your usual amount. I'm sure you're hungry. I seriously don't know where you put all that food," he said good natured voice.

"Well, growing boys and all that." Peter grabbed his bag, checked his web shooters were there, and headed downstairs. As usual the 'cafeteria' was packed full, all the boy's talking about their classes, or just goofing off. It made Peter smile, but it also hurt his too sensitive ears. 

He had to know if there was a way to turn down his hearing, or if it would stay like this forever.

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It's been a minute

Sorry it's been so long in between posts...I don't even know why I'm writing this, no one reads my story. But, I'm writing it anyway.

Lately I've been feeling, I dunno, left out by my family. I know they don't mean to make me feel this way, but...I just do.

4 years ago, I had a mass in the back of my head that suddenly broke, causing a massive acute stroke that went on for 3 days before I finally collapsed from it. I had gone to the hospital the day it happened, but the doctors there sent me home with a list of what could have been wrong to cover their own asses. So, I went from Friday night until Monday afternoon, when I collapsed at work. 

I was working for Target at the time, and they had no one to cover, so I couldn't go home or get to the hospital at the time because there was literally no one to tell. So, I stayed until my shift was over.

But, because of the length it lasted, I developed brain damage from it, PTSD, anxiety disorder, and lost a majority of my memories. That's where we fall in with my family making me feel left out.

Whenever they talk about the past, I just....I don't remember any of it, and I feel like a complete stranger in their presence. Like tonight, they were talking about the house my brother and I grew up in and our grandmother. I don't remember any of that. I don't even know my own family. It's frustrating, and scary and just...I should be used to it by now, but every time they do it, I still get hurt. 

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Little Orphan Spider 4

Peter was close to the group home, when suddenly his senses went crazy and he felt his skin crawl, telling him he had a bogey on his...six? Or was it nine? He didn't know, but he had someone following him. 

With a quick look, he didn't see anyone, but suddenly felt his left side tingle and he swung to the right, watching as a black arrow flew past him. "Oh come on! I don't have time for this!"

The teen sped up his web shooting, looking on the rooftops for the shooter, but he didn't seen anyone. Until, he cornered a building and found himself staring at none other than Hawk-Eye. And he was trained on Peter with a wicked looking arrow. 

"Holy crap!" the boy shouted. "You're Hawk-Eye! I'm a big fan! But, as much as I'd love to meet you, I have to get home!" 

The archer shot and Peter dodged, much to the man's chagrin. "Just what is this guy?" Peter heard him ask thanks to his enhanced hearing.

"That's not very nice!" the boy shouted as he dodged another arrow. "I'm just the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man!" Another arrow, dodged. "Now stop!" He got out of the man's sights, landing in a nook of a building, trying to control his breathing. 

If Mr. Martin checked in on him right, Peter was in so much trouble! "What is with these guys?" he asked himself. He was used to Iron-Man coming to 'encourage' him to join the Avengers, but Hawk-Eye was new. He never knew Mr. Stark would try and hurt him!

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Little Orphan Spider 3

The next morning, Peter ran to school with a huge smile the entire way after eating double the amount he normally did after having no dinner the previous night. He couldn't wait to see Ned to tell him the news! Once in the building, he  went to his locker and opened it, but had to move his hand at the last second as it was slammed closed.

"Hey Penis."

The boy groaned. Why was it every time Peter was having a good moment, it was dashed? It was like the bully could feel Peter's good mood and had to destroy it.

"Awww. Aren't you glad to see me?" The dark skinned boy smirked, leaning against the lockers. When Peter was silent, he frowned and pushed the boy into the lockers, hard. "I asked you a question."

Peter merely fixed his bag and turned away, but Flash apparently wasn't done. The bully grabbed his shoulder and turned him back around, slamming him into the locker again.

"You leave when I tell you to leave, Penis." Flash smirked at him. "Where were you running off to, anyway? You don't have any family. You're just a pathetic. Little. Orphan."

Peter had to control his anger. He knew that if he punched the bully, he would put his full strength behind it and wind up killing him. And Peter did not want that blood on his hands. So he just stared at the ground, until a teacher told them to break it up as the bell rang. The boy was more than glad to get away from his tormentor and made his way to class. 

Happy feeling, gone.


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Little Orphan Spider 2

Peter was wrong. He had to mow the lawn for two months, because on his way home, he helped save two little kids from a burning house, making him at least an hour late. 

He stood in Mr. Martin's office, still pouting from his punishment and still smelled like smoke. Now he was going to have even less time to go patrolling!

If only the man knew about him being Spider-Man! Then he'd have to excuse him from doing anything but saving people. Except school. School was the one place that he felt happy, like really, really happy.

He had a good life in the home, even had a few friends. But, his best friends he'd met in school a long time ago. Ned had been his friend since the first grade. He was closest to Peter, having stood by his side when his Aunt and Uncle had been killed. 

Peter didn't have parents. They'd been killed in a plane crash when he was six years old. He was sent to live with his Aunt May and Uncle Ben then, until three years ago, when they were both stabbed in a botched robbery while they were on a Valentine's Day date.

Since then, Peter hated that day. 

Ned had tried to get his parents to let Peter stay with them, but Peter knew it would be too hard on the family to raise both Ned and Peter. Especially, when he got bitten by that spider six months ago.

That's when all this craziness started. He was on a field trip to Osborn Labs with his class, and they were in the chem lab when the spider came from the vents, biting the boy on the arm. 

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Little Orphan Spider

Queens was a busy part of the city, especially to Peter Parker, A.K.A. The neighborhood friendly Spider-Man. The boy had just fought off a mugger from getting an older woman's purse and was currently turning down a churro, which she demanded she buy for him. 

In the end, he wound up eating it while sitting on a fire escape. He sighed as he swung his legs back and forth. The sun was setting, which was a good thing, but that also meant that crime would be getting worse.

He was daydreaming, in his own world, when the sound of repulsors snapped him out of it and he looked up to see Iron Man hovering in front of him.

"Hello Spider Man," the suit greeted him pleasantly. "Guess what I'm here for."

Peter sighed and shook his head, glad he'd pulled down his mask before. He enjoyed torturing the great Tony Stark by keeping his identity a secret. So many times the man had tried to find out who Spider-Man was, but every time he failed. Peter especially loved it when the man sent the drones after him. Peter would lose them in a matter of seconds, thanks to his 'spidey-sense'.

"Hello, Stark," the teen lowered his voice accordingly, trying to sound older than he was. "Long time no see."

"Yeah, enough with the pleasantries. Tell me who you are. I have 'orders'," he used air quotes, "to bring you in."

Peter jumped up onto the rail feeling his feet stick, standing perfectly still.

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